Brimfield Botanicals Body Lotion Bullet

Brimfield Botanicals Body Lotion Bullet

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 Body Lotion Bullet.

Brimfield Botanicals are all-natural, paraben-free body care products. The Body Cream is great for daily use to keep the skin moisturized and is the perfect size to toss in your purse or back pack. A blend of Cocoa and Shea Butters are used to treat dry skin and reduce skin degeneration.

A little goes a long way! Apply a pea size amount in your palm, rub hands together and then spread to other areas of the body.

Not for use on face - avoid delicate areas.

VITAMIN SEA - Rosemary,Lavender & Bergamot essential oils combine for a very clean, spa like scent. We added Spirulina (Blue/Green Algae) to the formulation for it's anti oxidant properties. According to the Livestrong website it increases the skin's metobolism which promotes cell turnover, and it helps prevent the growth of candida bacteria which causes acne breakouts. Gender Neutral Scent. 

GOAT MILK & HONEY- Made with Goat Milk & local Honey! The lactic acid in the milk softens the skin while the honey is a humectant which pulls moisture from the air, depositing it on the skin, making it silky smooth.We rounded it out with a dash of homemade Vanilla Extract to give it a heavenly scent. Gender Neutral Scent.

4.5 oz. bottle.

Brimfield Botanicals.