Sweet Grass Farm Bath Soak

Sweet Grass Farm Bath Soak

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Bath Soak. 

Indulge your mind, soul and body while soaking in a warm tub spiked with Sweet Grass Farm's hand crafted Bath Soak. Natural sea salts, known for their relaxing and rejuvenating properties, help to eliminate toxins. Baking soda adds an natural softening effect to the skin, while extracts of Milk Thistle and Meadowsweet lend their antioxidant properties.

Relax and feel your muscles become lighter than air while soaking in a tub spiked with our natural Bath Soak.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Milk Thistle Extract, Meadowsweet Oil, Essential & Natural Fragrance Oils, Natural Colorant.  


  • Almond Blossom ~ A complex mix of sweet almond blossom and almond nut. The fragrance combination is old fashioned, warm and comforting.
  • Coconut Lime ~ A bright and energizing mix of fresh lime zest mixed with exotic and nutty coconut
  • Pure Lavender ~ Our signature lavender essential oil is used in this clean and simple formula. It lends its antibacterial and relaxation properties.
  • Vanilla Milk ~ A very soft and warm fragrance that lingers gently on your skin. We created this blend of light vanilla bean and balanced it with milk notes and a bit of musk.
Sweet Grass Farm.